How to withdraw BOLO token?

BOLO is currently circulated at Bololex exchange, as you can purchase energy to vote and spin the wheel, also buy badges for your coin to be get listed faster. However, if you want to withdraw your BOLO tokens, here are the steps to follow:
- Go to
- Hit the “New Account” button, accept the Terms of Use, and press “Generate keypair”. StellarTerm will now show you the “Public key” and the “Secret key” of your freshly created wallet, store your secret key.
- Login to your account with the stored key. You will see your Wallet account ID once logged in.
- Deposit XLM to your wallet (1 XLM is the minimum balance)
- Go to the second navigation bar and click on "Accept Assets"
- Scroll down and click on "Manually accept assets" button
- Enter this code and Account ID (Code: BOLO, AccounsID: GCRL52KHSQNLLO2BUIVYBHO235SV5OASMWLH3KYPT2KDI365T436LP5Y) 
- Hit on " Accept asset" button and your trust line will appear 

Afterward, you will be able to receive the custom asset.