My deposit is not visible, what can I do?

Deposit time varies based on network speed and number of confirmations required, meaning that without being processed by the blockchain, transactions cannot be credited. The speed of the process varies and is only based on the blockchain of the coin you are depositing and a few minutes processing time.

Remember to check deposit instructions precisely, as some currencies may require a tag or a memo. 

What to check if you don’t see your deposit:

  • Check the block explorer of your deposited coin and make sure that it is verified on the blockchain (keep in mind that for some tokens or coins exchange might require a few more confirmations but usually it’s the standard number). 
  • Make sure that both addresses and tag or memo are shown correctly in the blockchain explorer.
  • Make sure that address you deposited to, is correct and is the same address you copied from your account for the transferred currency. 
  • If the above-mentioned options did not work, open a ticket, and don’t forget to include your transaction id (txid) in text format (copy and paste it).