Withdrawal statuses

After submitting a request for withdrawal, it will be processed through several stages before final completion. The statuses are:

  1. Pending:  Your request will be pending until you click on the link provided in the email sent to your address. Only then, your request will be accepted. It is also possible that technical maintenance procedures are being held on the platform, in which case you will be notified. It will appear in the top notification bar.
  2. Accepted: Your withdrawal request will be accepted after following the link in the email. The system will start working on it immediately, however, if it takes longer to process, still be patient as it will still process.
  3. Processed: Here, your request has already been sent to the blockchain. Once confirmed, you will see the update.
  4. Verified: Withdrawal has already been broadcasted to the blockchain. Coins should appear in your wallet. If you do not see your coins, please check the transaction on a block explorer. After 3-4 hours, if you still cannot find the transaction, please email us to support@bololex.com with coin name and transaction ID details.
  5. Failed: An invalid address was entered.  You should only send coins to an address generated for that coin, meaning BTC to BTC, XRP to XRP etc, in other cases the request will fail. Coins that require messages may fail if the incorrect message is entered into tag/paymentid/memo/message field. If the coin does not require the mentioned, you can leave the field blank.
  6. Rejected: The reason for rejection will be sent to you, in which case you can fix the mentioned problem and try again. If your status stays “Rejected” and you still have issues, please reach up to us at support@bololex.com.