How to play the BoloBoom game?

BoloBoom is our unique mining game, which you can play using energy and receive BOLO tokens in reward.
To do so:

1.   Log in to your Bololex account

2.   Go to “BoloBoom” section

3.   Make sure to have at least 3 energy levels to spin the wheel (each spin depletes 3 energy) and verified account

4.   Click on the circle button displayed in the bottom right corner to choose the level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard)

5.   Click on “Play” to start the game 

6.   You can click on “Claim” to retrieve your BOLO reward during each row

7.   If you do not hit “Claim” and lose, BOLO rewards you have gathered will be gone

Users will not be able to play the “BoloBoom” game, if they have not verified their account via Telegram. To do so, please watch this tutorial