How to vote ?

Before starting to vote at Bololex, make sure you have completed our verification through Telegram.
Each user is given one vote a day without any preconditions. To vote more, the user should have done a trade of any value and any pair in the last 30 days and verified his/her Telegram account via Bololex. If you have completed the stated conditions and wish to proceed with voting, then please:

1.   Log in to your Bololex account

2.   Go to the “Voting” section

3.   Find the project you want to vote for

4.   Click on the “Vote” button in the bottom-right 

5.   A notification will pop up in the upper-right angle of your screen, which means that your vote was casted

After voting, your energy stock will decrease by one. After an hour, it will be refilled again
To see your votes with corresponding amounts click on the "Voting History" button in the left area of the voting section.