How to trade

A few steps to start your trading journey at Bololex. In order to trade: 1. Login to your Bololex account 2. Go to the Exchange section (where you will see trading dashboard) 3. To the right of the chart, you will find the listed dropdown with the list crypto pairs 4. Select a pair that you want to trade, each pair has base and quote component first one is base second is a quote. Let’s see an example where DOGE is base and BTC is a quote. For example, if you select DOGE/BTC and click on Buy...

Types of orders

In every exchange, there are two types of orders: limit orders and market orders. Limit order – is a conditional trade placed to buy or sell a defined amount of cryptocurrency with a specific price set by the trader. The execution is not guaranteed until that requested price set by the user is matched with an opposite order from another user. The order can be canceled any time, if the status of the order is partial or new. Market order – is set to be more of an instant order as it does not inv...

Can I cancel my order ?

Yes, you can cancel your order, only if the status of the order is either partial or new. If your order is filled, there is no way back. To cancel your order, you have to: 1. Log in to your Bololex account 2. Select "Trading" from the upper menu 3. Go to the “Reports” section 4. Click on “Open Orders” 5. Click on “Cancel” next to the order you want to cancel 6. You can also click on “Cancel All” if you want so

What does my order status mean ?

New: Your order is new in the market place and is waiting to be filled Partial: Your order has been filled for some part, not all. In the “Order History” section you can see how many coins have been traded. Filled: Your order has been confirmed. You can find all your filled orders, in “Order history” Canceled: The status of your order will show as “Cancelled” if you choose to cancel it. To see the statuses of your orders, you can go to the “Exchange” section and by scrolling down you will ...

What is the minimum amount of trading ?

The minimum amount is the minimum quantity of base currency that you can buy or sell for a given pair. The minimum order amount is based on a specific coin and its pair. It depends on many factors such as the current price of the pair, decimal precision, price fluctuation, etc. On buy/sell components you can see the minimum trade amount for each pair, check the bottom left corner of the “Buy or Sell” component.

Where can I see the history of my orders ?

If you login to your Bololex account and go to the “Reports” section, you will see four subsections: Trades, Orders, Open Orders, and Transactions. In the “Trades” section, you will find all of your trades with the corresponding price and amount. In the “Orders” section, you will see the orders which have been done. In the “Open Orders”, you will see the orders which are still new and have to be filled or are partially filled. In the “Transactions” you can find all your deposits and withdra...

What coins are supported at Bololex ?

Currently, we support BTC (DASH/PIVX), ERC20, TRX (TRC10) tokens, Binance Smart Chain, Monero forks, Stellar forks. However, our list is expanding every week and we are adding new coins and tokens. To see the list, go to our “Markets” page.

What is the lot size ?

Lot size is commonly known as the smallest amount that you can buy or sell in one trade, or basically the number of currency units you will buy or sell. The standard size for a lot depends on many factors such as the current price of the pair, decimal precision, and minimum order amount. Usually, it is much smaller than the minimum order amount.