How to stake?

Please make sure you have already verified your Bololex account before staking. If you have not done so, follow this link:

To  start staking, please sign in, then follow the steps below:

1. Once you are signed in, navigate to “Staking” from the navigation bar
2. Read through the page to understand the process of staking and earning rewards
3. Once done, navigate to “Currencies” to choose the desired staking asset
4. Carefully read through each asset’s staking period and percentage rates, which are visible under the asset name
5. Once you decide which currency to stake on, click on the “Stake” button
6. A pop-up window will open asking you to input the desired staking amount ( pay attention to the minimum and maximum amounts)
7. Input the amount and click on ‘Confirm’
8. Your stake will be visible under ‘My Staking’
9. Under ‘My Staking’  you will also see the accumulated rewards and the final payout date
10. You can ‘Unstake’ whenever you want, however, note that the staking reward will not be added to your balance. Only the original amount will be sent back to your wallet