What is staking?

Staking at Bololex is similar to investment programs in traditional financial institutions. You can earn interest just by locking up your crypto assets for a certain time period. Reward percentage and time periods differ for each staking program, as they are usually defined by the owners of those crypto assets. The higher the number of crypto-assets you pledge, the higher the rewards you receive. All you have to do is to stake them!

What are staking rewards?

You can earn rewards when you stake cryptocurrencies for certain time periods as an incentive to hold onto staking assets. To earn staking rewards, simply select the staking program and the amount to stake, afterward you will see the staking program added to your stakes list and the reward will be automatically added to your balance by the end of the staking period.

How do rewards work?

Rewards percentages and staking periods are set by the owners of that specific crypto asset, who also cover the accumulated interests. The staking reward will be automatically added to your balance once the period ends. You can always follow the process of reward accumulation in your stakes list.

How to stake?

Please make sure you have already verified your Bololex account before staking. If you have not done so, follow this link: To start staking, please sign in, then follow the steps below: 1. Once you are signed in, navigate to “Staking” from the navigation bar 2. Read through the page to understand the process of staking and earning rewards 3. Once done, navigate to “Currencies” to choose the desired staking asset 4. C...

How to unstake?

1. After you are signed in to your Bololex account. Navigate to ‘Staking’ 2. Navigate to ‘My Staking’ and select the asset you would like to unstake 3. Click 'Unstake' from the opened pop-up window Once you unstake, your staking program will be canceled.NOTE: The staking reward will NOT be added to your balance and only the original amount will be sent back to your wallet.

Where can I see my staking history?

1. Log in to your account and click on ‘Staking’ from the navigation bar 2. Scroll down to see the ‘Transactions’ section 3. You can filter the data through ‘Currency’ and ‘Filter by type’ dropdowns 4. Your staking transactions will be shown based on the date of the transaction, staked amount, staked period, and uniquely generated ID