How to start?

Before starting your investments, it is better to play each of our crypto games to understand each game’s concept and filter out your favorite one.
Once you choose your preferred game, it is time!

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Direct to left and choose the preferred game from the dropdown
  • Click on “Invest now” to add your funds to the overall pool

Calculator — if you are unsure of the decision to invest or you want to analyze your earnings in the long run, you just have to use our investment calculator. By choosing the game, inputting the preferred investment amount, and setting the payout period you can easily visualize your monthly earnings and see the profitability rate (note that the amounts are only estimates).

My Investments — once you add an investment, it will appear under the section of “My Investments”, where you will be able to see your accumulated “Revenue” and the amount of your “Last Reward.”

Summary — here, you will not only see the total amount of the investment pool of the chosen game at that moment, but the graph will help you see the increase/decrease of the pool.
If you have already invested in that game, you will see the amount of your “Investment” and the cumulative “Revenue”. The graph will show the increase in your investment based on accumulated daily rewards.