How Bolo Gaming Pool works?

All BOLO tokens in the game fall into the pool and go out of the pool, which results in the pool either growing or decreasing in the short run.
Let’s get this straight in an example: if one day users win, the pool might shrink that day, if they lose consequently it will grow. This example presents the overall picture in the short run. In the long run, the win is always on the house.
Therefore, all the pool is distributed among the investors according to their held percentages, and this results in the continuous growth of users’ investments together with the pool.

It is not totally risk-free, because as mentioned the house wins in the long run but in a short period it might lose so the pool will shrink.

Shrinkage is also affecting all the investors in the pool, so if one day the pool shrinks by 1%, all the investors in the pool will lose 1% of their funds. And if the investor chooses to withdraw funds at that point, he/she will result in an overall loss of the investment.

However, if the user keeps the investment in the pool, it will grow back and increase in the future, which is mathematically provable.