Security and Safety

How can I make my account safer?

Security is vital. For the start, create a strong password. To add a security layer to your account have a 2-FA, which a unique one-time passcode as well as a password generated by the Google Authenticator app. For doing so, please follow the instructions showcased in the FAQ section under “How to Start” → “How do I set up 2-factor-authentication (2FA)?”.

How can I prevent a phishing attack?

It is easy to be tricked by phishing, as emails appear to be sent from trustworthy entities or individuals, yet they contain malicious attachments, links, or requests for various items. At first, you have to avoid clicking on any link or button. Never provide confidential information without checking.

Is it possible to trade safely?

As a beginner, it is important to understand available functions and features to gain full control over possible actions. For the start, a strong password and usage of 2FA (2-factor-authentication) are advised to keep your account safe and secure. As the market is volatile and continuously growing you should always be in-line with updates and changes in the trading sphere to gain an understanding of potential losses.

Can I be safe with Bololex?

Anti-DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack system and our designed system will surely protect your account and information in a safe mode and prevent from potential threats. We try to secure as much virtual currencies as possible in a multi-signature cold wallet, we also add security layers by aligning the protocols with general standards.