How to play the Bolo Lotto game ?

Bolo Lotto is a crypto lottery game based on the Bitcoin blockchain, where you can directly win 1000 BOLO tokens.

To do so:

1.   Log in to your Bololex account

2.   Go to the “Bolo Lotto” section

3.   Make sure to have at least 10 $BOLO tokens in your wallet

4.   Click on any of the blue cells to purchase a regular cell (1 cell = 10 BOLO)

5.   Click on red, yellow, or green-colored cells to purchase a "Jackpot" cell 

6.   Click on the “Buy” button in the opened window

7.   Success! Now, your purchased cell will be shown to the right on the board

The winner will be drawn once all the 256 cells are filled. The next mined block will be taken and the last two digits of the block hash will show the number of the winner cell.If you have purchased a "Jackpot" cell, which won, your prize amount will be shown above the dashboard.
Note: Users will not be able to play the “Bolo Lotto” game if they have not verified their account via Telegram. To do so, please watch this tutorial